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 Finished Baby Janes®

 October 4, 2004 

 "Finished is Better than Perfect."
  Projects use Jane Stickle's patterns unless marked "DHannah" 
  or "QD" or are otherwise said to contain other patterns.  
"A Dear Jane Odyssey"  **** by Gail Stewart
            of Kansas - color photos in the Manual and in the "Quilt
            Gallery" on DJ-CD - 225 patterns 

"A Lucky Encounter"  * by Junko Kawade
            - color photo on page 37 of Dear Jane (DJ p37)
"A Walk in the Garden" * by Kathleen Moak 
            of Tennessee - wall-hanging of 25 DHannah flowers and 
            animals - on page 54 of Dear Hannah (DH p54)
"An Exercise in Color and Technique"  **** by Elsie Saar
            - 225 patterns
"As the Millennium Turns" ****  by Kathy Downie
            of Illinois - color photo in "Quilt Gallery" of the DJ-CD - 
            225 patterns

"At Peace With Time" ****  by Bonnie Hunter
            of South Carolina, who is enjoying time "right now" instead
            of "some day" - all 225 patterns 

"Baby Jane Looking Through the Window" ****  by Terri Gunn
            color photo on page 87 of the Dear Jane book - 225 patterns 

"Baby Janes IV - Millennium Janes" *  by Valerie Derks
            - Mags Jenkins spotted this one at the National Quilt
            Championship held at Sandown Park UK in June 2003 and
            dubbed it "Winning Jane" because it had won a prize -
            but don't the fans in the corners look like playing cards? -
            perhaps a Winning Hand?

"Back to 'Normal' in NYC" *  by Betty Chen
            in Forest Hills, NY - 49-block, 564-pieced wall-hanging
            - 4" blocks done between September 11, 2001 and February
            2002 while being told to "get back to living a normal life"
            - dj#1 - 49,0,0,564 

"Balancing Act" ****  by JoAnn Sheppard
            of Keller,Texas - completed in 3 years,
            while balancing family, faith & quilts - 225 patterns
"Baskets for Hannah" *  by Gail Stewart
            of Kansas - DHannah blocks
            - color photo on page 140 of Dear Hannah (DH p140)

"Baskets for Rebecca" *   
            In 2002, DJers made basket blocks for Brenda's friend,
            Rebecca Jo Hamilton, for whom DJ block J-12 is named.  
            - color photo in "Quilt Gallery" on the DJ-CD
"Ben's Baskets" *  by Brenda Papadakis
            of Indiana - DJ p139 - on page 139 of Dear Jane

"Bereshjit" ****  by Tilde Binger 
            of Denmark - dj#1, title is Hebrew for "Beginnings" - 
            225 patterns   

"Blue Dear Jane" ****  by Tutu Haynes-Smart
            of South Africa - color photo in "Quilt Gallery" on
            DJ-CD - 225 patterns 

"Boo Boo Jane" *  by Carmela Thompson
            in North Carolina - blocks from 2003 DJ Boo Swap

"Boo Fun" * by pines -
            made with Boo Blocks from Swap Mummy's 2003 Swap
"Brown Dear Jane: Dear Eddie" ****  by Tutu Haynes-Smart
            of South Africa - color photo in "Quilt Gallery" on
            DJ-CD - 225 patterns 

"But I'm a Goddess" ****  by Barbara Feinstein, 
            who is Emily's twin sister and who did ALL the triangles -
            see also Finished Before Barbara's - 225 patterns
"Caitlin's Joy" *  by Linda Lowery
            of Alabama - aka "Redwork Jane" - forty-eight 6" blocks
            in reds joined together into 12 blocks alternating with
            four Sunbonnet Sue redwork blocks
"Carol's Rows of Sharing" *  by Carol Honderich
            in Indiana - 46"x40" - 1999-2000 - blocks are done
            in shades of blues and grays - set with a pattern of
            blue half-square triangles that makes it sparkle! -
            see photo on the DJ-CD in the "Project Ideas"
            under the section titled "My Jane Journey" - part
            of the Rows of Sharing round robin by quilters of 
            the Maple Leaf Quilting Guild
"Caught in Jane's Web" *  by Mary Becker
            - 13 Boo blocks
"Challenge Jane" *  by Jean Folkes
            of Casa Grande, Arizona - made with Hoffman Challenge
            fabric for year 2000 - color photos in the Manual and
            in the "Quilt Gallery" on the DJ-CD

"Christmas 2003" * by Marilyn in Northern California
            2003 Christmas Swap blocks set on point
            with white sashing and red setting triangles
"Christmas 2003 Table Topper "  * by Mary Becker 
            - blocks from 2003 Christmas Swap in Star setting
"Circle of Friends" * by Kari Schell
            of Minnesota - 69"x61" May 2002 - DJ block exchange -
            blues and yellows - tribute to Kari's friends in the
            group that meet monthly at the Quilted Basket in
            Maple Grove, MN - color photo in "Project Ideas,"
            in the section titled "My Jane Journey" on the DJ-CD
"Connections" *  by Laura Chaskes
            of West Virginia - 81 squares, tan sashing/brown
            cornerstones, tan/cw repro triangles, hand-quilted
            by her daughter, Ellen Wilcox
"Crazy Jane" *  by Jan Miraglio
            (was Jan Sisk) - wall-hanging - tongue-in-cheek
            reference to personal history, the focus fabric, and
            . . . "that I. too, have now become so crazy I am doing
            a 'Dear Jane' quilt!"

"Dancing in the Garden with Jane Tote Bag" *  by del Hersey

"Dear Allison" * by Karan Flanscha
            (aka SadieRose) of Cedar Falls, Iowa - DHannah blocks - 
            color photo on page 149 of Dear Hannah book (DH p149)

"Dear Connie" *  by "Genie" (Jeanne Meddaugh) - 
            12-block sampler for her sister Connie - cw repros

"Dear Hannah Hooked Rug" * by Sandra Kandris
            of Iowa - DHannah blocks - color photo on page 122
            of the Dear Hannah book (DH p122)
"Dear Jane 2" ****  by Judy Armfield
            of Eureka, Missouri - cw repros - hand-pieced and
            hand-quilted, and includes one block made by Tilde
            Binger of Denmark - 225 patterns 

"Dear Jane Made With Friends" ****  by Annette Austin,
            who used fabrics and blocks from lots of swaps
            with friends on the DJ List

"Dear Jane Meets the Beatles"  * by Janice Nelson
            of Indiana - colorful blocks from a Beatles-DJ 
            Round Robin - on DJ-CD in "Project Ideas" under 
            "My Jane Journey" - includes close-ups of blocks!!!
"Dear Jane Signature Quilt" * by Linda Schnacke
            of Texas - quilted by JaLonn Carter-Stanley - 
            blocks from first three signature swaps hosted by Mary
            Chester on the Dear Jane Email List, 1998-1999 - D-13
            Field of Dreams blocks - reminders of friends, prayers,
            and life experiences - with close-up photos of several
            siggies, showing Linda's setting and the quilting design - 
            on the DJ-CD in "Project Ideas" in the section titled
            "My Jane Journey"
"Dear Jane Table Topper" * by Judy Wright
            of Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada - seven
            interlocking circles of blocks and triangles - 
            2001 DJ Spring Fling blocks [30s repros] and
            solid triangles of 30s colors - on DJ-CD in the
            "Project Ideas" in the section titled "My Jane
            Journey" - DJ-CD includes instructions on how
            to make this project with 4-1/2" blocks - pattern
            is called "Jack's Chain" or "Rosalia's Flower Garden"

"Dear Jane 'With a Little Help from my Friends' " *  

            by Fran Hathaway
            of Indiana - earth tones - mostly browns, dark reds,
            dark greens, and tans - sashed with black - with multi-
            colored cornerstones - 120 square DJ blocks - photos
            in the Manual and in the "Quilt Gallery" on DJ-CD

"Dear Mags - Wrapped in the Warmth of Friendship" *
            - in 2003, Quilters on the DJ List made and sent a
            combination of D-13 siggie blocks and other DJ blocks -
            Jane's Tears, Hannah Lou's Hearts and Josepha's
            Jonquils - to Caroline Van Maele in Belgium, who made
            them into a tied quilt backed with flannel "to comfort
            Mags (Margaret Jenkins in Wales) on the loss of her
            father . . . when winter comes"
Dick and Jane" * by Mary Ellen in Connecticut
        169 square DJ blocks with applique border
        completed 2006 - received 3rd place in the "pieced
        catagory" of the Association of Connecticut Fairs
        spring meeting - 30s fabrics - TATW -

"Distant Star"  by Lu Ann Krug,

            of Indiana - machine quilted by Cathy Franks of Indiana -
            DHannah blocks - on page 35 of Dear Hannah (DH p35)
"DJ from Hungary by Unknown Quilter" **** -
            Margaret Jenkins photographed this Dear Jane
            goddess quilt at the Festival of Quilts in
            Birmingham, England, in August 2003

"Eaton's Crossroads" *  by Brenda Papadakis
            color photo on page 109 of Dear Jane book (DJ p109)

"Edith Darlene" ****  by Edith Shandolt
            of Indiana - DHannah goddess quilt - 225 patterns -
            on cover of Dear Hannah, a book by Brenda Papadakis -
            - also on page 19 of Dear Hannah (DH p19)

"Enduring Freedom" **** 
            aka "The President's Quilt" or "The GWB Quilt"
            Blocks were made by Dear Jane Friends world-wide,
            to be presented to President & Mrs. Bush for their
            leadership and guidance following the tragic events of
            September 11, 2001 - pieced by the Maple Leaf Quilt Guild,
            Goshen Indiana - quilted by Cathy Franks of Indianapolis.
            Note: The GWB quilt will not be presented to them until
            AFTER he has left office..... this allows them to keep
            and take the quilt to their home due to so many rules
            for gifting the president.
            It contains all 225 patterns. It's square blocks are 
            blue-and-white and red-and-white, triangles are all red
            on white, as are the corner kites, all set against navy blue
            sashing, solid triangles and scallops.  The is a color photos 
            in the Manual and in the "Quilt Gallery" on the DJ-CD.  
            There is also a link at to

"European Jane" *  DJ and DHannah blocks made by European
            Dear Jane members and given to Brenda Papadakis
            - top assembled by Claire Baker
            - machine quilted by Cathy Franks
            - color photo on page 93 of Dear Hannah (DH p93)
"Every Home Should Have a Jane" * by Jeanne Meddaugh,
            "Genie" of - wall-hanging - aka "Every Home" -
            approximately 21"x27" - using twelve 2-1/4" DJ blocks
            set inside 4-1/2" House Blocks - made for "Ugly Fat
            Quarter" challenge at a DJ retreat - the address
            above each door is its DJ block number - in "Project
            Ideas" in the section titled "My Jane Journey" 
            on the DJ-CD

"Falling Feathers" *  by Natalie from Australia
            - 32 blocks - 2003 Fall Frolic - wallhanging
"Finished Before Barbara's" *  by Emily Klainberg, 
            who is Barbara's twin sister - see also "But I'm a Goddess"

"First Try Jane" *  by Bente Deutz
            dj#1 - 64 blocks

"Flying Geese for Brenda" *  by Jennifer Perkins
            of Iowa - DHannah wall-hanging -
            color photo on page 14 of Dear Hannah (DH p14)

"For Debbra - In War and Peace Again" ****  by Theresa Miller
            - 225 patterns   
"For Emily - Sweetest Jane" ****  by Theresa Miller
            in southern Ohio - for DGD Emily - 225 patterns 

"Forget Me Not - A Tribute to Jane Stickle" **** 
            by Vicki Fallon of Medford, New Jersey - cw repros - 
            color photos in the Manual and in the "Quilt Gallery
            on the DJ-CD - 225 patterns
"Fran's Rows of Sharing" * by Fran Hathaway
            of Goshen, Indiana, 35"x42" - using her own hand-dyed
            fabrics - brights against a dark background - 1999-
            2000 - round robin DJ swap blocks - color photo on
            DJ-CD in the "Project Ideas" under the section titled
            "My Jane Journey" - part of the Rows of Sharing round
            robin by quilters of the Maple Leaf Quilting Guild 

"Friends" *  by Judy Day
            in Australia and Vickie Fallon of New Jersey - 
            hand-quilted by Virginia Bonenkamp Indiana -
            currently in collection of Brenda Papadakis -
            9-block wall-hanging of DHannah blocks - 
            color photo on page 72 of Dear Hannah (DH p72)

"Frosty Meets Jane" *  by DJ group of Nebraska - 
           quilt guild's charity auction for Dec 2003

"Generations of Jane" **** by Susan Stewart
            of Prince Edwards Island - 225 patterns 

"Grandma and Me" *  by Pam Austin
            - DHannah appliqué blocks done in redwork embroidery,
            in a modified-Irish-Chain setting - embroidered by Pam
            Austin of California - assembled by Kathleen Springer of
            Indiana - handquilted by Amish friends, Mary and Salome,
            in  Pennsylvania - currently in the collection of Brenda
            Papadakis - photo on page 100 of Dear Hannah (DJ p100)

"Hannah's Garden" *  by Gay Bomers 
            of Michigan - DHannah appliqué blocks - appliquéd onto
            white blocks, with dark sashings and navy scalloped inner
            border - quilted by Tammy Finkler of Michigan -
            photo on page 129 of Dear Hannah book (DH p129) 
"Hannah's Homespuns" *   by Brenda Papadakis
            - photo on page 160 of Dear Jane (DJ p160)

"Happy Birthday, Jane!" *  by Deb Kloss 
            - dj #3 - spring fling blocks - 30s repros - tatw -
            yo-yos on the border are made of antique feedsack
            fabrics from her friend JoAnn Atkins - using 30s
            reproduction fabrics in springtime colors to celebrate
            Jane's birthday, April 8th - currently hanging in her
            friend's quilt shop - creating more Janers in the
            Minneapolis area

"Ho Ho Ho - Jane Meets Santa" * by Roswitha in Austria
            - small DJ wall hanging

"Homage to Jane" ****  by Claire Oehler
            of New York - color photos in the Manual and in the
            "Quilt Gallery" on the DJ-CD - 225 patterns 

"Homage to Jane Sickle and Mary Evans" * by Brenda Papadakis
            - aka "Baltimore Jane" - color photos in the Manual and
            in the "Quilt Gallery" on the DJ-CD
"Homespun Jane" ****  by Pat Stratman
            - border of crazy quilt triangles

"Hot Coffee" *  by Diane Rode Schneck
            of New York, New York - DH p72 - wall-hanging
            of DHannah's coffee cup block I-8

"Huswif" *  by Brenda Papadakis
            of Indiana - roll-up case for sewing supplies -
            aka "A Civil War Needle Case" - the instructions
            for making this project is on the DJ-CD in "Project
            Ideas" in the sections titled "My Jane Journey"
"I Fall to Pieces" * by Jody Marker
            in Alaska - wall-hanging made of Fall Frolic 2003
            swap blocks, set on point - 70"x75"
"I Weep With You, Jane" * by Susan Pieper
            - photo on page 75 of the Dear Jane (DJ p75)

"Imagine" *  by Edith Shanholt
            - started July 2001 - top finished May 2002 - 
            Beatles Exchange Blocks in bright colors - mixing
            Beatles songs with DJ blocks, including some DJ
            triangles drafted into 4-1/2" squares - added 4
            diamonds - on the DJ-CD in the "Projects Idea"
            in the section titled "My Jane Journey"
"In Changing Times" **** by Karrin Hurd
            in Roseville, California - 225 patterns

"In Changing Times" **** by Sarah Francis
            of Greenville, Texas - color photos in the Manual and in
            the "Quilt Gallery" on the DJ-CD - variety of white and
            off-white backgrounds - 225 patterns 

"In Ohio" ****  by Tracy Craven
            - dj#1 - cw repros - made in Ohio - plus "In Ohio" fit
            easily onto the Signature Kite - Tracy admits she "was 
            too chicken too eat the massive amounts of chocolate"
            needed to conquer the scallops - 225 patterns 

"In Our Time" ****  by Diane Rode Schneck 
            (PhabPhanNYC) and Judy Doenias, 
            both of New York - aka "Technicolor Jane" -
            reflects several life-changing events that happened 
            to us and to the world "in our time" - color photos in
            the Manual and in the "Quilt Gallery" on the DJ-CD -
            225 patterns
"In The Manner of Jane" * by Brenda Papadakis
            - color photo in the "Quilt Gallery" on the DJ-CD - can
            also be seen in Simply Quilts episode titled "The Romance 
            of Chintz" and featuring Brenda and her book, Dear Jane

"In Time of Change" **** by Fiona Brown,
            whose life changed a great deal in the 2-1/2 years while
            she was completing this quilt - including a major career
            change and her mother's death - Fiona says she "became
            a completely different person, outside and inside" -
            225 patterns 

"In Time of Friendship" ****  by Linda Franz
            of Burlington Ontario and Naples Florida - 144 DJ
            squares, entirely hand-pieced, hand-appliquéd and hand-
            quilted by Linda Franz - completed in just 362 days,
            January 1998 to January 1999 - while her father was ill -
            using two fabrics - a gray, blue, and purple with a silver
            leaf-and-vine design on a background of a white on white -
            won 3 ribbons at the Naples Quilters Guild Show in Feb
            1999, Best in Show at the Vermont Quilt Festival in
            July 1999, and First Place Traditional Pieced Amateur
            in AQS Show in Paducah in April 2000 - Linda's first
            bed-sized quilt - our first goddess quilt - color photos
            in the Manual - also in "Quilt Gallery" on the DJ-CD

"In Time of Joy" ****  by Connie Lukacs
            of Michigan - a joyous 3-years - photos in the Manual
            and in the "Quilt Gallery" on the DJ-CD - 225 patterns 

"In Time of Sorrow" * by Gail Stewart
            of Kansas - blues and white, 25 squares, 18 triangles, and 
            4 kites - color photos in the Manual and in the "Quilt
            Gallery" on the DJ-CD
"In War Time 1863" **** by Jane A. Stickle 
            - 225 patterns - aka "Sampler" or "THE QUILT" -
            not a "Baby Jane," but the original "Mother Quilt" -
            full quilt is shown on homepage of
            and on page 6 of Dear Jane (DJ p6) - close-ups of the
            blocks can be found on nearly every page of Brenda's
            book, Dear Jane, and also on Elsie Saar's website -
"In War Time, There is a Refuge" * by Mary Lou Blumling
            of Pennsylvania - presented at the Dear Jane Reunion
            at Gettysburg in July 2003 - wallhanging of 47 Dear
            Jane blocks, finished with prairie points along the
            edge - one block includes the hand-print of Mary Lou's
            5-year-old granddaughter who "assisted" - the center
            block is embroidered with a Bible verse, John 3:16, and
            a quilted cross - dedicated to those who perished 
"Inspiration Jane" * by Kathie Wittstock
            in Medina, Ohio - nine-block wallhanging in her sewing room
            to inspire her to work on the 2 full-size baby Janes she
            is working on - one in cw repros and one in indigos

"It's Black and White and Red All Over" **** by Mitzie Lepka
            of Maryland - 225 patterns

"Jane Among the Leaves" * by Mary Becker
            in western New York State - combining 29 DJ Fall 
            Frolic blocks and 26 maple-leaf blocks from the
            Featherweight Fanatics 2002 Maple-Leaf Swap blocks

"Jane, Black and White and Something Else!" * 
                                                       by Babette Moorleghen - 
            small wallhanging - black and white 19th-Century repros,
            with Rebecca's Baskets in the 4 corners - also with
            green and deep wine appliqué in each of the baskets -
            done for a challenge in her local guild
"Jane, Brenda, and Me" **** by Eilleen Horgan 
            of Winthrop, Massachusetts - color photo in Manual
            and in the "Quilt Gallery" of the DJ-CD - 225 patterns

"Jane Geometry" **** by Synnøve in Norway 
            - 225 patterns 

"Jane Goes to Rideau Hall" * by Suzanne Dumontel
            - small table center of four K-13 (Brandon's Star)
            blocks, set on point - to honor the Governor General of
            Canada when she visited Suzanne's community in south-
            west Saskatchewan in September 2001 - Rideau Hall
            is the official residence of Governor General

"Jane In The Box" * by "Genie" (Jeanne Meddaugh) - 
            peek-a-boo wall hanging made for 2002-03 Ugly FQ
            Challenge in Shipshe

"Jane of My Heart" * by Cheryl Rogers
            of Ames, Iowa - heart-shaped wall-hanging - photos
            in the Manual and in the "Quilt Gallery" on DJ-CD

"Jane on Safari" * by Kaye England
            - color photo on page 126 of Dear Jane (DJ p126)
"Jane Sings the Blues" **** by Mary Ellen Zeitz
            in Connecticut - 2nd place at Northeast Quilt Festival
            2003 - a variety of blue fabrics - 225 patterns

"Jane Strikes Again" ****  by Connie Clark
            of Indiana - color photos in the Manual and in the
            "Quilt Gallery" on DJ-CD - 225 patterns 

"Jane's Got the Blues" * by Deb Kloss -
            dj#2 - sweatshirt jacket - 59 blocks, 818 pieces -
            with a matching shirt that has 3 more blocks on it

"Jane's Magic in Black" * = by Marie Troyer
            in the "Quilt Gallery" on the DJ-CD

"Jane's Summer Cottage" * by Claire Baker
            of Indiana - pinks, blues, yellows, square blocks
            set on point with appliqué at corners and a prairie
            point border - color photo in Manual and in the
            "Quilt Gallery" on the DJ-CD

"Jingle Jane 2003" * by Mary Hickory
            of St. Louis, Missouri -
            Christmas swap blocks set into red and green stars

"Life is Full of Challenges" * by Rosemary Youngs
            of Michigan - color photo in the Manual and in the
            "Quilt Gallery" on the DJ-CD
"Lost in the 30s" **** by Wenche Martinsen - 
            "I lost my heart to these fabrics." - 225 patterns 

"Love & Friendship" * by Linda Franz -
            QD - diamonds based on DJ blocks and others -
            completed in December 2000 - 2 fabrics - a wow and
            a blue oriental blossom print from Kona Bay Fabrics -
            entirely hand-pieced, hand-appliquéd and hand-quilted by
            Linda Franz of Burlington Ontario and Naples Florida -
            won 3 ribbons at the Naples Quilters' Guild Show in
            February 2001, First Place at the Vermont Quilt
            Festival in July 2001, juried into Paducah and Houston -
            featured in "Quilted Diamonds: Jane Austen, Jane
            Stickle & Friends," a book by Linda Franz, March 2002

"Love at First Sight" * by Chieko Matsuura
            on page 46 of Dear Jane book (DJ p46)
"Major Work for a mini-jane" **** by Claire Baker
            of Indiana - 225 patterns
"Many Hands Make Light Work" **** 
            DHannah goddess quilt - 225 Dear Hannah blocks -
            by Gail Stewart and others - Claire Baker, Tilde Binger, 
            Virginia Bohnenkamp, Irene Carrig, Val Champ, Mary
            Chester, Alice Curtis, Susanne Ellenberger, Vickie Fallon,
            Karan Flanscha, Elaine Frey, Carol Honderich, Rockie Ivins,
            Susanne Kleen, Marcie Knudson, Susan Kraftcheck, Jeane
            Tucker, and Nancy Zinni - quilted by Amish friends, Salome
            and Mary - in the collection of Brenda Papadakis - color
            photo on page 14 of the Dear Hannah book (DH p14)

"Mark, Meet Jane" **** = DeAnna Millett
            coverlet - no  batting - backing heavy flannel, warm and
            cozy - 225  patterns

"My Blue and Yellow Tabletopper" * by del Hersey

"My Dear Jane" * by Eleanor Mueller
            of Michigan - DJ and DHannah blocks -
            195 squares and 64 triangles

"My Heart is Home in a Country Garden" *  by Alice Curtis

            of NY - strippy quilt - approximately 73"x59" - 
            uses DJ TRIs as flying geese - with some Jeana
            Kimball appliqué blocks down the center - top completed
            Oct 2002 - color photo in "Project Ideas" in the 
            section titled "My Jane Journey" on the DJ-CD

"My Journey with Jane" **** by Cathy Washburn
            of Sarasota, Florida - completed January 2000 -
            color photos in the Manual and in "Quilt Gallery"
            on the DJ-CD - 225 patterns 

"My Journey with Jane" **** by Claire Baker 
            of Indiana - began 1998 - color photos in the Manual
            and in the "Quilt Gallery" on the DJ-CD - 225 patterns 

"My Salute to Jane A. Stickle" ****  by Jane Crutchfield
            of Massachusetts - color photos in the Manual and
            in the "Quilt Gallery" on the DJ-CD - 225 patterns
"Neon Jane" **** by Claire Baker
            of Indiana - goddess quilt completed in less than 4 months -
            using less than half as much fabric - machine appliquéd
            using fusible webbing and machine blanket-stitch - unveiled
            at Shipshewana in May of 2004 - 225 patterns 

"Neutral Jane - To the Nines" * by Edith Shanholt
            of Indiana - in the "Quilt Gallery" on the DJ-CD

"New Beginnings" **** by Laurie Wellington
            of Pennsylvania - acknowledging changes in life -
            225 patterns 

"On Pilgrimage with Jane" **** by Chris Lawrance 
            of Adelaide, South Australia - finished in 2002 -
            225 patterns
"Perseverance" **** by Mary Althaus
            of Whitewater, Wisconsin - color photos Manual
            and in "Quilt Gallery" of DJ-CD - 225 patterns 

"Pieces of Life" **** by Dana Lynch 
            of Missouri - hand-quilted by Carol Honderich -
            color photos in Manual and in the "Quilt Gallery"
            on the DJ-CD - 225 patterns 

"Pieces of Me" **** = Ellen in Florida (ellenr) - 225 patterns

"Quoth the Raven, "Never More"  * by Denyse Eisenhardt
            - Boo blocks from MsMummy's 2003 swap - Denyse
            "will never again quilt on color with black thread"

"Rebecca's Baskets" * by Rebecca Hamilton
            - on DJ-CD #30 in quilt gallery - basket blocks set
            on point in vertical rows - color photos in Manual and 
            in the "Quilt Gallery" on the DJ-CD

"Remember Me" **** by Val Champ
            of Ontario - 30s repro fabrics - with yo-yos in appliqué
            borders made of authentic 30s feedsacks - sashing is
            machine quilted, but rest is hand-quilted, took over 4
            years to complete - this quilt is dedicated to the Memory
            of "my Father, my Granddaughter Mia, and my dear friend
            Doug, his wife Tanya and their son Brandon, who all died
            while I was stitching her together" - 225 patterns
"Roberta and Jane" **** by Liezbeth Gottschall
            in Abbenbroek in The Netherlands - plaids and stripes
            to honor Roberta Horton - machined appliquéd with
            roses - 225 patterns
"Rock-a-bye Sweet Baby Jane" * by Carmela Thompson
            of North Carolina - 10" blocks, J-3 and E-1, blues/greens
"Rows of Sharing" *  by Edith Shanholt
            of Indiana - used William Morris fabrics - Nov 1999
            to May 2000 - color photo in the "Project Ideas"
            in the section titled "My Jane Journey" on the DJ-CD
"Rows of Sharing" *  by Janis Nelson
            of Indiana - 37"x37" - 1999-2000  - Americana colors
            (browns, blues, off-whites) and 2000 millennium fabrics -
            color photo in the "Project Ideas" under section titled
            "My Jane Journey" on the DJ-CD
"Rows of Sharing" *  by Marie Troyer
            of Indiana - approximately 41"x36" - finished June 2000 -
            round robin DJ swap blocks with quilters from the Maple
            Leaf Quilters Guild - using Fabri and Moda fabrics -
            appliqué borders - in the "Project Ideas" under "My
            Jane Journey" on the DJ-CD
"Sara Eleanora" * - by Tilde Binger
            of Denmark - DHannah blocks - machine-quilted by Cathy
            Franks - photo on page 82 of Dear Hannah (DH p82)

"Scratchie Jane" **** by Samantha Rowan
            in New York - ". . . named partly after my rabbit, because
            we got her shortly before I began the quilt - and whenever
            I spread out what I had already completed so that I could
            choose the next row of blocks, Scratch would do little
            happy jumps all over the top, sometimes scattering blocks
            that weren’t joined together yet and fabric everywhere.
            It was really cute!" - 225 patterns
"Seasons of Memories" **** by Maria (SheMeows)
            - 225 patterns
"She Speaks To My Heart" * by Alice Curtis
            of New York - color photo in Manual and in
            "Quilt Gallery" on the DJ-CD - 25 square blocks and 
            the 4 corners with Celtic knot appliqué on the border

"Signature Blocks" * by Edith Shanholt
            in Indiana - 68"x68" - blocks from 1999-2000 DJ Siggie
            Swaps - top stitched May 2001 - TATW - with close-up 
            views of some of the Siggies - in "Project Ideas" in the 
            section titled "My Jane Journey" on the DJ-CD
"Signature Swap" *  by Elaine Frey
            of Indiana - started Feb 1999 - finished Feb 2001 -
            combined blocks from 3 siggie swaps - sashed in black
            with hand-dyed cornerstones and appliquéd borders -
            with close-up photos of several very decorative
            siggies - on the DJ-CD in "Project Ideas" in the
            section titled "My Jane Journey"

"Spring Fling 2001" * by Mary Hickory
            of St. Louis, Missouri
"Springtime Fun" * by Elaine Frey
            of Indiana - 34"x29" - finished Nov 2000 - Spring Fling
            swap blocks - 30s fabrics on white - yo-yo flowers in
            the borders - on DJ-CD in "Project Ideas," which is in
            the section titled "My Jane Journey"
"Square Fair" * by Pamela Bishop 
            illustrated on page 26 of the Dear Jane book

"Stained Jane" **** by Edith Shanhold
            of Indiana - bright "stained glass" colors on black 
            background - color photo in Manual and on DJ-CD -
            225 patterns 

"Stitches in Time: The Turn of The Century" **** by "Cj Spensley"  
            - Caroljoy Michener Spensley of Illinois - color photo in 
            Manual and in the "Quilt Gallery" of the DJ-CD - jewel-
            tones on white background - triangles on 3 sides only -
            225 patterns
"Sunset Jane" * by Cheryl Rogers
            in Iowa - quilted by Bonnie Hunter - color photo in
            Manual and in the "Quilt Gallery" on the DJ-CD

"Suzanne Meets Jane" **** by Suzanne Dumontel - 
            each block and triangle is done in a different batik
            on a cream-on-cream background - 225 patterns 

"Teatime with Hannah" * by Mary Althaus
            of Florida and Wisconsin - uses DHannah's floral appliqué
            blocks - color photo on page 122 of Dear Hannah (DH p122)

"TGIF - Thank Goodness It's Finished" * by Susanne Kleen -
            DHannah blocks - on page 13 of Dear Hannah book (DH p13)

"Thanks Again * by Kathleen Schaffer Saunders - 
            DHannah blocks - photo on page 60 of Dear Hannah (DH p60)

"Thanks for the Memories" * by Kathy Saunders -
            color photo on page 66 of Dear Jane book (DJ p66)

"The Reject Quilt" * - 
            aka "Finished is NOT Better Than Perfect" - 
            Claire Baker collected rejected DJ blocks from other 
            DJers and pieced them into a quilt top which was then 
            machine-quilted by Cathy Franks of Indiana

"The Spirit of Jane Stickle" ****
            made by "Friends of Dear Jane" for Brenda Papadakis -
            color photo in the Manual and in "Quilt Gallery" on
            DJ-CD - also on the Simply Quilts episode titled
            "Romance of Chintz" and which features Brenda and her
            book, Dear Jane - 225 patterns - reds, blues and lights

"These are a Few of My Favorite Things" * by Jody Marker
            in Alaska - hand-appliquéd blocks done while visiting
            her Dad in Yuma, Arizona, a month before he died

"Thimbleberries Jane (Sampler)" * by Mary Hickory
            of St. Louis

"Through the Windows of Jane" * by Gypsy
            - black with multi Bali batik - 2 years to finish
"Through Thick and Thin" * by Connie Clark
             of Sheridan,  Indiana - uses DHannah blocks -
            color photo on page 39 of Dear Hannah book (DH p39)
"Touching Generations" **** by Jane Stickle Crosier  
            ("indyJane") of Indiana - Jane Stickle's great-niece -  
            quilt took 4 years to complete - color photo in Manual 
            and in the "Quilt Gallery" on the DJ-CD - scrappy 
            squares are sashed in white - white "solid" triangles -
            scalloped edge - 4425 pieces - 225 patterns 

"Treasured Memories" **** by Susan Kraftcheck 
            of Ontario - 225 patterns 

"Triangularis" * by Pamela Bishop
            - color photo on page 98 of Dear Jane book (DJ p98)

"Trick or Treat Paco" * by Judy Brown
            of Carmichael, CA - wall-hanging - BOO Blocks from
            MsMummy's 2003 Swap - Paco is Judy's Bichon Frise
"Two Sides of Jane" **** by Sharyn in Kalama - 
            five fabrics - gold, green, red and two prints -
            on a variety of light colored backgrounds - with
            a jaunty G-6 about which she says "I only made
            Papa's Star 3 times before I decided life was short
            and I needed to get on with it." - both sides are in
            the "Quilt Gallery" on the DJ-CD - 225 patterns
"Vertical Jane in the 1930s" * by Marie Troyer
            of Indiana - 30s colors, 3 rows of 5 DJ blocks on point
            alternating with 2 rows of appliquéd vines and flowers -
            Round Robin project sponsored by the Maple Leaf Quilt
            Guild - contains pieced panels made by Fran Hathaway,
            Elaine Frey, Carol Honderich - with appliqué panels
            by Marie Troyer - color photo in Manual and in the
            "Quilt Gallery" on the DJ-CD
"When Holly Left Home" * by Jeannie Hoyt
            color photo on page 56 of Dear Jane book (DJ p56)
"Yankee Doodle Jane" * by Jean Folkes and Karan Flanscha,
            with help of 48 other Janiacs - quilt now belongs to
            Penny and Dean, the owners of Electric Quilt

"Yearning for Peace" * by Sheridan Walter
            of Pennsylvania

155 Finished Baby Jane Projects (including 58 goddess quilts)
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    30s = 1930s repros
    cw = Civil War repros
    DJ = Dear Jane (refers to Brenda Papadakis' book)
    dj#1 = a person's 1st. DJ project
    dj#2 = a person's 2nd. DJ project
    dj#3 = ..third project, etc . etc. etc
    DJ-CD = Dear Jane Quilt Design Software by EQ
    DJ-CD Manual = manual for EQ's Dear Jane Software
    DJ p6 = illustrated on page 6 of the Dear Jane book
    DH = Dear Hannah (refers to Brenda Papadakis' 2nd book)
    DH p14 = illustrated on page 14 of the Dear Hannah book
    EQ = The Electric Quilt Company        
    Manual = instruction book for EQs DJ Software   
    repros = reproduction fabrics
    QD = Quilted Diamonds (refers to Linda Franz' book)
    QD2 = Quilted Diamonds 2 (Linda's 2nd book - with DVD)
    tatw = Trip Around The World color scheme
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