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Dear New Members of the Greatest Group in the World,  Welcome!! We are  1400 strong and growing every day.  The DJ list is the best quilting bee in the world. It was started to bring Jane Stickle advocates together and help them make their own quilt. It has evolved into the most sharing and caring group of people in the world, all brought together by a farmer named Jane Stickle from Vermont. 

The original DJ list was a support group formed by Karan Flanscha ( We merged in February, 1997 with about 15 members and by April had 47 members. 

At that time there were Row Moms who were responsible for helping with tips for each row. There should be enough tips here to get you started and to apply to the other blocks. As people make the blocks, they offer specific tips. 

I must tell you right away that I am not the one who keeps this list moving and together. It is the people on it! I was the most clueless person in the world, and they very patiently pulled/pushed me through the "Doorway of Technology." In truth, I haven't taken many steps beyond. I depend a great deal upon everyone on the list to carry me, which really isn't fair to them, but they do it out of kindness and Baby JaneŽ love. 

There is a spirit on this Dear Jane List which is full of warmth and  love. I have been told it is very different from most lists. What I do know is that everyone here shares a common bond in making Janes quilt and is very generous of their time and talent. 

We try to keep Jane and her quilt as the focus of attention on the list. This does not mean that every letter is about a block. On the contrary, we share all of our lives, friends, family, joys, sorrows. We have rejoiced with the birth of babies and cried with the loss of loved ones. This is the very heartbeat of the DJ list.  However, if you wish to correspond with someone personally, please make it a private matter, out of respect for them and for the rest of us.  We ask you practice good netiquette, it's really just common sense.

What is a Baby Jane? When this project started in 1991, Baby Janes are what the blocks were named. It is derived from the fact that Jane's quilt is the Mother of all Quilts, and all of the quilts which we make are her "babies.". Neither my students or myself never thought of calling them anything else. When the book came  out in April 1996, some were calling the blocks DJ blocks and I believe that is the name most familiar to the people on the list. I also call the quilts which we make "Baby Jane" quilts, because they are made from Baby Jane blocks. Patterns for The Quilt: the blocks themselves are the patterns. We are all using many techniques for making the blocks, but the one tried and true is to trace the block on freezer paper, cut apart the pieces and add 1/4 inch seam allowance to each piece, just as you would do with any quilt block. 

Button Pin

We have a  2 inch button pin! It has a photo of The Quilt and "Dear Jane" on it. We use this pin so we can recognize each other at quilt shows. The pin is available in the Dear Jane store and is free with the purchase of a book

How much background do I need?

In the book , I suggest 5 yards for the entire quilt. This is an error on my part. If you are hand-piecing, you will need about 8 yards. If you are machine piecing, I recommend about 15 yards. However, if you are foundation piecing, you will need about twenty. This information had been graciously provided by those who have made the top. (Myself? I have made many Jane quilts, blocks and triangles.  I am currently making Eeva Liisa in honor of a lady in Finland by the same name.

As for Newbies, there is a strict rule: you must introduce yourself! We can't welcome you if you're lurkin' in space :-)  I am having a wonderful time meeting all of you! Hope you will be able to attend one of the classes/lectures.

Many DJ'ers take their books to Kinko's and for $2-3.00 have it spiral  bound. 

See the Dear Jane website for photos of the quilt, Jane's home, and the Jane store (books, pins and tote bags) All items are sent Priority Mail, except the pin. 

The website is designed and maintained by my son Michael.  He is the "Dear Jane Support Group." I'm am learning ... If you have a question, write If I can't answer your question, I will pass it on to Michael, our guru. Needless to say, I believe it is the best site on the Internet! 

 Karan Flanscha has been gracious enough to compile some information for those beginning their Jane Journey. Thank you Karan for providing this to us!

Welcome to the Dear Jane list.  Here is some info I have collected, to help you get acquainted with the group.  If you will take the time to read through this (I know there is a lot ;) many of your initial questions will be answered. 

  The DJ list started in Feb. 1997, and some of our members have been with the list from day one!!  So, if you are new to the group, there is alot of "history" for you to catch up on!!   Feel free to ask questions, this is a very welcoming group that is happy to help out our new "converts" :)    Karan-Jane

Probably the #1 most asked question on the list: "what do the numbers after your names mean?"   (For example:  138, 1, 1, 2450)

The numbers are number of blocks Jane blocks completed, number of triangles completed, number of pieces used and some put in a 3rd number, number of corners complete.  So it looks like (138 blocks, 1 triangle, 2450 pieces or 138 blocks, 1 triangle, 1 corner, and ???? pieces if you lose count)

DJ CD-   Dear Jane on a CD-Rom!!    No, you don't have to have the CD to do Dear Jane (but it will make it a lot easier!) and you don't have to have EQ5 to use this CD, it is a stand-alone product. You only need Windows 98 or better. You can order from Brenda

Hyphen my name and call me Jane!

 From: (Rebecca Maclean Rieger)After several months on the DJ list, I have finally cracked into making a block for myself - A6. Yay! Just wanted to celebrate!
Becky-Jane  1-0-0-9 (did I get it right?)

 Yes, Becky got it right :)   When you complete your first DJ block, youofficially become a DJer (or Stickler, or Janiac), and you can "hyphen your name" and put the numbers after it in your signature!!

 The term "BOLLs" was what we came up with as the opposite of "Newbies" (because it sounds so much better than "oldies"!!) It stands for Been On List Long, and with the year you started (BOLL 97, for example).  When you have been on the DJ list for 1 year, you qualify as a BOLL. 

 Probably the #2 most often asked question is "what does TATW mean, and what colors are the rows?"

 Trip Around the World....if you study the photo of the original Jane Stickle quilt, on the page opposite the Table of Contents in the Dear Jane book, or the photo at the web site, you will notice the blocks are arranged in colored rows, like a Trip Around the World quilt, giving some order to the variety of colors in the blocks.  The center is a Green block, the next row is 4 yellow blocks, then purple, red, pink.  The next row is probably purple, although some of  the colors may have faded over the years, then another row of red with a few pumpkin oranges.  This is the last definite row, then the partial rows are mostly browns, with a few blue blocks.  The four corners are green blocks. 

#3 "Do I have to make my quilt with Civil War era reproduction fabrics?" You can make your quilt with whatever fabrics you want to!!  We have seen Dear Jane quilts in every combination imaginable, here is a list of some of the color schemes DJers have used:  Civil War, like the original, with one background fabric OR with all different shirting print backgrounds; Amish (black background with solids); autumn colors with black sashing; batiks, some with Eggplant background; black & white; blues & white; blues & yellows; redwork-style embroidered Janes (in various color schemes); greens & white; "neutral" blocks (tan & whites); New York brights (PhabPhan Diane's amazing technicolor quilt!); pink, red & burgundies; purples & white; red & green (Christmas); red, white & blue (Brenda's "Spirit of Jane" quilt); all reds with shirting prints; all plaids; "scrappy"; "stained Jane" with black background & bright prints; 30's repros; teal & white; "tropical parrot brights"- blues/greens/yellows, black & white (some with an accent color). 

#5 What is a siggie??  We  use block D-13, signed with our names, locations, e-mail address & often some drawings or other embellishments, to trade with other DJers.  The "siggies" trade is done once  a year.  Information for the 2006 Siggie Swap is found
There are a few other swaps during the year like Spring Fling, Fall Frolic, Christmas swap. These swaps will be announced throughout the year.

 #6 What blocks to start with??   New DJers often ask this...some members start with A-1 and work their way systematically to M-13.  However, the general consensus from the list members is to start with some of the "easier" blocks and as you gain skills and confidence, proceed to some of the more challenging blocks.  Suggested pieced blocks to start with:  M-10, A-6, A-8, B-13, D-13   Applique blocks to start with: D-3, C-9, B-1, E-10 (the background is pieced, but this is a good place to start practicing your "melons").  Be sure to check out the tips at the Dear Jane web site. 

 European DJ's

There are plenty of European Janes on the list, but quite a few are of the quiet variety. If what you are looking for are to get closer to other European Janes, I know of the following possibilities :-)If you read German, there is a German Jane list with Yahoo !There is also a Scandinavian Jane-list (if you read any of the Scandinavian languages,write me privately if you want to know about that one :-). I frankly don'tknow if there is a French list, but I think (and might well be wrong) thatthere is a Dutch list :-) So, depending on your language (Flemish oFrench), you might get lucky and find a European language group focused on Jane :-)

Tilde in Copenhagen (Denmark, Europe :-)From: (T & T Binger-Hougaard)

DJ: Virtual Design Wall
Sharon Mastbrook created a Virtual Design Wall to track your DJ progress:, then click on Dear Jane, then Want to see How Your Baby Jane is Doing?

Ongoing activities:

BOW:  Susanne Kleen will be posting the Block Of the Week block challenges for 2006. When you have completed the block for the week, write Susanne
See the complete list:

TOW: Teri Reymann issues the Triangle of the Week.
When you complete your triangle, write to Teri
See the complete list:

 COW: Dear Hannah Challenge
Linda Jones issues the Hannah Challenge of the week.
When you finish your Hannah block, write to Linda

 Triangle Achievement List is kept by Mary in AZ:
0 triangles you are a Plain Jane
10 triangles a Baby Jane
20 triangles a Teen Jane
30 triangles a Lady Jane
40 triangles a Fancy Jane
52 a Queen Jane


 DJ List - Connie Lucas  keeps track of blocks completed by members and posts a list every week:  
Platinum --130
Wonder Workers --all 169 blocks completed
Miracle Workers --all block and all triangles completed
Goddess-- Dear Jane quilt finished.


THE QUILT (Jane Stickle's original)  will be on display annually the last three weeks of September and the first three weeks in October at the Bennington Museum in lovely south western Vermont.  The museum info can be found at

 The Bennington Museum is open daily from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM according to their web site. 

 POSTER:  The Bennington Museum now has a poster of Jane Stickle's quilt.  To order call   1-802-447-1571  $19.95plus $2.00 S&H


Shipshewana, IN DJ Gatherings
Information can be found

May 2006                    April 26 - April 30
November 2006           November 15 - November 19, 2006 

Susanne Kleen maintains a website with links to many DJ web pages:
If anyone else wants to be included on the links page please e-mail her.
If you are listed and want your link removed please let her know.  Also, if anyone would like to submit photos for the Dear Jane Friends web site, e-mail or snail mail them to:  Susanne Kleen

Here is the DJ Friends web site address:



TR-Top Row TLC-Top Left Corner
RS-Right Side TRC-Top Right Corner
BR-Bottom Row BLC-Bottom Left Corner
LS-Left Side BRC-Bottom Right Corner


Name # Page
Abbey's Eyes H4 76
Adelaine's Apron Strings J4 91
Alison's Guiding Light D1 40
Ann's Folly K6 100
Anna's Anchor J8 94
Argyle BR13 150
Ashley's Aura C6 35
Attic Window BR3 144
Aunt Exie's Phlox E1 49
Australian Pines TR2 127
Autumn Aster F9 62
Barb's Diamond LS2 151
Batchelor Buttons B1 24
Battlefield D10 47
Ben's Bowtie H10 79
Bennington Cross TR4 128
Bennington Star H7 77
Berry Baskets H3 74
Big Top F1 57
Box Kite L8 110
Brandon's Star K13 105
Bread Basket E7 53
Brigadoon TR8 130
Buffalo Tree Hopper E4 50
Button Hook LS12 157
Cabin Fever A9 22
Caitlin's Rose L11 111
Candy Dish BR4 144
Carla's Candle Flame TR6 129
Cathie's Campfire A5 19
Cathedral Window D5 43
Challenge D6 44
Chase a Myth I9 86
Chattanooga Charlie L5 107
Checkerboard TR3 128
Cherokee Lee RS2 135
Cheryl's Clown BR7 147
Chicken Tracks J7 92
Chieko's Calla Lily J10 95
Chris's Soccer Field B4 27
Church Window F8 62
Columbine K11 104
Connie's Brownies LS3 153
Courtney's Stethoscope A4 18
Coyote Chase I11 88
Crooked Creek K1 97
Crossed Swords D12 48
Crystal Star D4 43
Dad's Plaids A7 20
Danish Delight RS9 140
Deanie's Daisies F6 60
Decisions, Decisions G11 72
Dee Dee's Delight D8 45
Dogwood Days M1 113
Doris's Dilemma K12 104
Duff's Bluff M2 113
Dutch Apron RS4 136
Eaton's Crossroads H8 78
Eiffel Tower TR13 134
Enchanted Square M8 117
Epicenter RS3 136
Eye of the Cyclone C5 35
Family Album I3 83
Family Reunion C12 39
Fan Dance M9 118
Farm Fields H13 81
Fedelia's Hearts RS7 138
Field of Dreams D13 48
Fireweed Flower M3 115
Five & Dime E10 54
Florence Nightingale A8 20
Four Corner Press B13 32
Four Leaf Clover G3 67
Framed Fancy A12 23
Frank's Rickrack BR6 145
Fred's Square Fair I12 88
Gay's Glory BR5 145
Geisha Girl RS5 137
Gloriae G12 72
Goshen BLC 124
Grandma Nan's Bodice RS10 140
Grandpa's Chickens K2 97
Granny Weaver J6 92
Hani's Crown C8 36
Hannah Lou's Hearts H12 81
Harvest Moon L13 112
Hattie's Hen House G1 65
Hills of Jerusalem RS11 141
Hopscotch M12 119
Hot Cross Buns B5 27
Hunter's Moon A3 18
Indianapolis G7 69
Iris' Medallion I10 86
Jacob Anthony H2 74
Jane's Oak TR12 133
Jane's Tears C9 38
Jason's Jacks D3 42
Jessie's Stained Glass BR12 149
John Jacob's Windmill J5 91
Josepha's Jonquil J1 89
Jud's Trophy B10 30
Junko's Rose Garden M7 117
Justin's Comet G8 69
Kaleidoscope F2 58
Kathy's Cake LS11 157
Kaye's Courtyard I2 82
Kiwi LS9 156
Lakota Sioux C13 40
Leigh's Woods BR2 143
Linda's Church in the Valley RS12 141
Longwood TRC 123
Love Forever RS8 138
Lynette's Diamond M13 120
Name # Page
Mac and Muff I7 85
Mama's Maze E8 53
Maria's Majesty I5 84
Marlene's Pirouette RS13 142
Mary Ruth's Corset E12 55
Mary's Journey G9 70
Maury High School J9 94
Maze of Madness L6 108
Meeting Place D7 44
Megan's Cathedral LS10 156
Megan's Mountain Laurel C7 36
Melissa's Cross B11 30
Merry May E2 49
Michael's Motorcycle H5 76
Michelle's Medley E6 52
Michigan Dunes TR5 129
Mirror Image B3 25
Mohawk Trail G2 65
Molly's Muffins G13 73
Moth in a Web E13 57
Mother's Point M5 116
Mouse in a Mirror D2 42
Nan's Naiad L10 111
Nancee's Fantasy LS1 151
Needle's Point TR9 131
Nicholas' Diamond BR10 148
Northern Lights LS8 155
Norway's Fjord TR7 130
Old Windmill F4 59
Olympic Torch LS5 154
On Target F11 63
One-Two Buckle My Shoe A2 17
Paddle Wheels E3 50
Pam's Bells J13 96
Papa's Star G6 68
Parcheesi F5 59
Passing Through K5 100
Patriot's Lantern C10 38
Pebble's Protest A11 23
Peek-a-boo H1 73
Pete's Paintbox I8 85
Phoenix TR11 133
Picture Perfect J2 90
Pie Sale H6 77
Piercing Rays H11 79
Pinwheel Gone Awry A1 17
Poof G5 68
Potholder F10 63
Precious Gems TR10 131
Quandry K10 102
Quilt Jail E9 54
Ralph & Nelda's Wedding I1 82
Rayelle's Fence C3 34
Rebecca's Basket J12 96
Reflections Abound L3 106
Rick's Volleyball Net J3 90
Rickshaw M11 119
Rising Sun E5 52
Rose of Sharing K7 101
Rosmary's Rainbow BR1 143
Sadie Rose TLC 122
Sally's Pride L12 112
Sally's Steeple LS7 155
Sarah Jane BRC 125
Scout's Honor K9 102
Seven Sisters K3 99
Shutter Bug G4 67
Simple Simon M10 118
Simplicity M6 116
Snow Crystal D11 47
Snowball F3 58
Snowflake Melt H9 78
Soldiers & Sailors Monument C11 39
Spanish Moss TR1 127
Springbrook Park K8 101
St. George's Cross L4 107
Stability I4 83
Star Struck F7 60
Starburst F12 64
Starflower B12 32
Starlight-Starbright A13 24
Stephanie's Snowflake L2 106
Stepping Stones M4 115
Streak of Lightning C2 33
Sue's Garden BR9 148
Susie Q LS6 154
Sweet Harmony I13 89
Sweet Tater Pie B2 25
Tartan BR11 149
Thea's Turn K4 99
Tennessee Valley RS1 135
Thunderhead BR8 147
Tic Tac Toe C4 34
Tinker Toy B9 29
Tour de France F13 64
Town Square L7 108
Trooper Green's Badge C1 33
Tumbling Blocks RS6 137
Twin Sister J11 95
Uncle Homer A6 19
Uncle Richard D9 45
Viewer's Choice I6 84
Virginia's Kite LS4 153
Wagon Wheel E11 55
Walter's Place L9 110
Water Lily B8 29
Watermelon LS13 158
Which Points West? A10 22
Widow's Pane L1 105
Wild Goose Chase B6 28
World Series B7 28
Woven Meadow G10 70



For help in making the blocks, see the Block Tips: and

For more information on stitching and assembling your quilt, visit

This year we're having four Dear Jane Camps: . Join us for great stitching and fun!