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As I have "spread the word of Jane" I have developed a few suggestions for making your quilt. These 'rules' are not only helpful for making a Dear Jane, they are also applicable to your other quiltmaking. The most important rule is that you enjoy the journey and snuggle under your finished quilt!

Baby Jane Love, 

Jane Rules 

  1. Value - a fabric can only be assigned a value (light, medium or dark) when it has been placed next to another fabric. The beautiful prints and luscious colors we love so well do not affect value. When you spend a couple of hours on a block, you want to make certain you have selected fabrics with well-defined value differences. You don't want every block to be a "star." Some of the must be supporting cast in your quilt, so select fabrics with closer values to make some simpler blocks
  2. Smidgen -a) cut your pieces as accurately as you can, placing the fabric fully under the painted measuring line but not extending beyond it. The thickness of this line is a "smidgen"
    b) Sew the pieces a "smidgen" less than one-quarter inch; a "smidgen" in this case is 2 or three threads of the fabric. This smidgen compensates for the little hump that occurs when you press your seams to one side
  3. Press - using a hot iron press each seam before joining one unit to another. Press by just setting the iron down on the pieces, with the seam allowances toward the dark fabric. I no longer say use no water in the iron, as I have seen many blocks become square and flat with a shot of steam. However, make certain you press and do not move the iron over the pieces as this might stretch them.
  4. "Finished is better than perfect!" -None of us tries to make an ugly block. Do the best that you can on the day you make your blocks? Cut and sew accurately using the smidgen rule and press. Smile and Put it in your stack of completed blocks.
  5. Log cabin around it: If your block is too small, cut four one inch strips of the following measurements: 1- 1X 5, 2- 1 X 5-1/2, and 1- 1 X 6. Sew them around your block and then trim to the desired 5 inches. These strips also look nice to outline or accent blocks in different settings.
  6. " Just say thank you" - when you are showing your blocks or top to friends and they tell you how wonderful your work is, just say "Thank you." It is not necessary point out each little imperfection in your work; chances are no one else notices.
  7. "Cut it big and whack it off"- in order to help with accuracy and in holding the tiny pieces sometimes found in the blocks, cut the pieces larger than needed and then trim them to the desired size when ready to piece the block. This motto is especially useful when making half-square and quarter-square triangles and when appliquéing a block
  8. When making a block using freezer paper templates or in hand piecing, increase the seam allowances on all of the pieces around the outside edge from ¼ inch to ½ inch. It is a security factor and it is certainly easier to trim off 1/8 inch than to wish you had ¼ inch more to make the block 5 inches unfinished
  9. This is your quilt; Jane made hers and we love it dearly. Hers is the Mother of them all and our quilts are her babies, thus the name Baby Jane. Add and take away blocks and change the patterns as you wish. Use whatever fabrics you desire. We are all making our quilts 'in the Manner of Jane." This is your quilt and it will be as great a treasure to your family as hers is to us.
  10. Keep a journal. It is important to keep a record for your children and grandchildren. You should write about both your life and your quilts.
    This is your legacy.

- Brenda



Let us remember that we are about friendship and love and sharing and Jane Stickle is our common bond.

"We try to keep Jane and her quilt and now Dear Hannah as the focus of attention on the list. This does not mean that every letter is about a block.  On the contrary, we share all of our lives, friends, family, joys, sorrows.  We have rejoiced with the birth of babies and cried with the loss of loved ones.  This is the very heartbeat of the DJ list.  However, if you wish to correspond with someone personally, please make it a  private matter, out of respect for them and for the rest of us.  We ask you to practice good netiquette, it's really just common sense and good manners."

 1. Use DJ (Dear Jane related) or NDJ (not Dear Jane related) in the subject line. 

 2. Update the subject line to reflect the contents.  Indicate LONG when appropriate.

 3. When you are replying to a message, please only include the part of the original message that relates to your reply. 

4. Reply to the individual (not hundreds of us) for congratulations, reporting completion of challenges, signing up for activities, birthday greetings, thank you notes and personal messages.

 5. Avoid sending short messages like "You go girl!"  "Ditto."  "Me too!" and "Mel Gibson." to the whole list.  Please send these privately. 

6. Please share your tips about DJ block construction (hand piecing, paper piecing, redrawing, etc.), history, fabrics, books, magazines,  web sites, etc. We really would also like to hear your story about your Jane Journey.

 7. Please NEVER send an attachment or a chain letter to the whole list. When writing to the list, please avoid using stationery, since many e-mail programs are not compatible.  Please use plain text unless you are writing to someone privately.

 8. Please be willing to set a good example and to welcome new members privately.

 9. Please do not send personal messages to the list.

 10. Never flame anyone about anything. Period. This includes friend, foe and family.

 11. Please do not forward mail from another source. If you believe it has contents appropriate for the Dear Jane list, just send the idea and suggestions to the list.

 12. Please do not suggest any project that involves this list or its members without first consulting me. As the list owner I have the responsibility for almost 1700 persons here, and I must be certain the project is appropriate for all of us. I also do not want to have too many things going on at once. I usually agree to all requests, but I do want to be consulted.

 13. Please remember that the list is primarily about Dear Jane and now Dear Hannah quilting. It is not a forum for  religion, politics or other controversial subjects.  If you wish to discuss such topics, ask for interested persons to respond privately and set up a special group. Refrain from
personal chatting.

14. If you have a business, you may advertise on the first day of the month.

15. Be considerate and kind when sending messages. Please do not post problems or negative
feelings about quilt designers, quilt shops or other quilters.

16. Please copy these guidelines, keep them near your computer and read them periodically.

Before you hit SEND:

One:  Is this really for the whole list, or just one or two people?

Two:  Is the subject line correct?

Three:  No attachments