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                                                  Dear Jane® Signature Swap 2012

The Dear Jane® Siggie Swap, as it is known, takes place each year in the Spring. We are now taking sign-ups for the 2012 Siggie Swap. Sign-ups for the swap close at midnight April 6, 2012. All blocks are due May 1, 2012 midnight at Debbie Schultz's home. You may also bring them to Debbie in Shipshewana.

RULES for the Swap

 1. You must be a member of the Dear Jane subscribers list at

 2.  The paper must be removed from paper-pieced, foundation pieced blocks before you send them to us. They will not be swapped with paper on them. Truthfully, there is really no need to paper piece this block if you follow the directions below.

3. Blocks must be sewn; pins are unacceptable.

4. Your center block must be cut 3.5 inches, and your blocks must be a minimum of 5 inches in order to be swapped. In other words, you may paper-piece, rotary cut and use any sized triangles on the corners. If your center square is larger than 3 inches finished, then the block can’t be trimmed to five inches and have the center square intact.

5. Please use only quilt shop quality fabrics. Use only light colored cotton in the center or   bleached or unbleached muslin. Do not use white on white fabrics; the paint comes off and so will your signature.

6.  Please do not send any gifts for anyone for any reason. You all are most kind and generous, and your presence on the list is gift enough for us.

7. There should be no extra blocks, but if there are, they will be returned to the maker. 

8. Do not trim your blocks before mailing them. The person who receives them will trim them to 5 inches.

SWAP BLOCK: D-13 Field of Dreams

 Directions for each block:

Center: Cut one 3.5 inch square of light. (You can cut 110 centers from one yard of fabric.)
Cut two 4.0 inch squares of print and cross-cut on one diagonal. These are the four corner triangles. (You can cut 90 squares from one yard of fabric. This will make 45 blocks.)

Sew two triangles on opposite sides of the center square. Press seam toward triangles.
Sew the other two triangles on the remaining sides of the center square. Press block.

 This block is very easy to chain piece. I like to do them ten at a time.

Use a Pigma® pen to sign your blocks. You may also use rubber stamps with permanent ink for fabrics. Please include your name, State or Country where you live and the date. You may include any other information you wish. I’ve heard many tales of woe when someone washes their siggie quilt and it has missing names on it. It is easier to sign the center squares  before you make the blocks. It also helps set the ink, since you’ll be pressing twice while you make the blocks. If you put your center square on a piece of sandpaper, you will be able to sign your blocks very well.

Return postage is required at sign-up. You may sign-up here by using  the Buy Me button below, or you may send a check or money order  in the mail to Brenda Papadakis, 8718 Midcrown Dr, San Antonio, TX 78239. Postage is non-refundable if you decide not to send in your blocks. By having the postage, we will be ready to swap and have your blocks mailed to you quickly.
We want to be fair to everyone and have given the amount of postage a great deal of thought.
Postage has gone up quite a bit this year.
The cost for  Flat Rate Box Priority Mail postage for the United States is $6.50, which includes a confirmation. Global Priority for Canada is $14.00. Global Priority for countries Outside the US is $18.00. This rate is for countries who have Global Priority mail available and based upon two pounds. Italy, Japan and some other countries do not have it. Those packages will be sent airmail or first class.

Swap Cost Summary:

  1. Postage due at time of sign-up
  2. US Priority with confirmation is $6.50
  3. Canada Global Priority is $14.00
  4. Outside US Priority or Air Mail is $18.00
  5. May sign up on line or send money to Brenda Papadakis, 8718 Midcrown Drive, San Antonio, TX 78239.

 Note: My internet banking does not want me to hold the money in limbo for two months.  Therefore, you will be charged the week you sign up for the swap.

HOW MANY  blocks do I make ? You will receive notification of sign-ups from now until April 3, 2011. On April 5 or before,  you will be given a total number of blocks to make.  Blocks will be swapped the week of May 1 and sent to you  as soon as possible by Debbie Schultz.


Send finished blocks to Debbie Schultz, 700 Chicago Avenue, Savannah, IL 61074
Debbie's email:
giggles2 []

Debbie, thank you so much for agreeing to swap the blocks! It is a tremendous help for all of us!!

 Last years' swap was a big success.  We want it to be pleasant for everyone and to insure that everyone receives blocks from all swappers. If you have a question about any of these instructions, please call me 210-251-3453 or email me  I will be happy to help you in any way I can to have good swap experience.
We look forward to sharing our blocks with you!

         Siggie Swap 2012, US

   Siggie Swap 2012, Canada        
  Siggie Swap 2012, Outside the US, Canada   
                         $18 .00